CQUniversity Australia is opening its doors wider, making university even more accessible and relevant to more people.

CQUniversity is committed to learning, seeing its role as enabling students to ‘be what they want to be’. The engagement that we have with our communities, industries and businesses enables us to work in partnership to provide multiple learning experiences and opportunities to enrich the learning journey of our students. These learning opportunities assist in the development of discipline-specific skills and generic transferable skills relevant to life-long learning. web site : University of Central Queensland – Australia



Located in the Northern Territory of Australia, a region spanning the wet tropics in the north to arid desert in the south, the university offers unique and exciting study opportunities in one of the world’s most culturally and biologically diverse regions. Charles Darwin University is a comprehensive, multi-sector university with nationally accredited courses from vocational education and training certificates and diplomas through to higher education degrees and advanced research doctorates.

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Melbourne Institute of Technology

Commencing in 1996, MIT has steadily built its reputation and its facilities to be one of the most dynamic and fastest growing private educational institutions in Australia. MIT is located in the heart of one of the world’s most liveable cities offering a cultured and sophisticated environment in which to learn and grow.

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Gurkhas Institute of Technology

GIT Australia is one of the leading vocational education providers in Australia renowned for quality and excellence. Founded on the principal of transmitting knowledge and skills to students, GIT Australia provides a learning environment that fosters quality education and academic excellence. GIT Australia is fully accredited and approved by Australian Government and its qualifications recognised throughout Australia. and around the world. GIT Australia offers courses in Hospitality (Hotel) Management, Business, Accounting, Information Technology and English language. .